Together, we make it better.

As a marketer in the healthcare industry, you need to connect at a deep level with consumers. You need a message that resonates, informs and advises. With EpsilonHealth, you can truly connect with your audience, creating meaningful conversations that inspire better healthcare choices. As we’re a part of Epsilon, we can unlock superior data and powerful insights for more targeted messaging. And our experience in the industry and expert medical team will make us the perfect partner for your brand.

Our experience

Communicating with authenticity and accuracy is important for healthcare brands like yours. To achieve that, you need to partner with an agency that knows the industry inside and out. An agency that really understands the needs of your audience. At Epsilon, we have 15 years’ experience working with household names in healthcare. We partner with 9 out of 10 of the largest global companies, creating connections with consumers, professionals and payers alike.

Our expert team

At Epsilon, our specialized team of 250 healthcare marketing professionals is strengthened by medical experts. So you can rely on us to create a marketing solution that’s informed by solid knowledge of the industry, and an understanding of the challenges that face both healthcare providers and consumers.

Our industry knowledge

Our experience and our expert team bring a solid understanding of the healthcare industry. We understand the opportunities and the challenges you face as a marketer in this highly-regulated environment. Our in-depth knowledge is backed up by a team of medical professionals and spans several sectors from insurance to pharma, cosmeceuticals to nonprofit. So whatever your specific needs, we can help you create compelling messages that connect with your consumers.

Our data and insights

In today’s noisy media world, you need to engage your audience in appropriate and interesting conversation. Our unique healthcare data assets bring smarter ways to target consumers, for more relevant communications. We’re always focused on the end user, using clinical, cognitive and behavioural insights to deliver the right message, at the right time.

Our creativity

Connecting with your customers on an emotional level, with messages that truly resonate. That’s a powerful thing, especially in the health and wellness industry. Using clever creative and precision marketing, we’ll ensure that your customers are armed with the right information for healthcare decisions.

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