Walgreens case study

Julie enjoys her regular shopping experience at Walgreens. A big reason for that is the great treatment she gets for being a loyal customer.

The story

Julie is a frequent shopper at Walgreens, where she knows she will always find a great deal on all of her healthcare needs. She also loves getting more out of her purchases, so when her friend Sue told her about Walgreens’ Balance Rewards loyalty program, she was quick to sign up.

The solution

Epsilon worked with Walgreens to develop the Walgreens’ Balance Rewards loyalty program which allows customers to redeem Balance Rewards points for products. When Julie's friend, Sue, told her about the loyalty program she was quick to sign up and now she loves getting more out of her purchases.

The results

Now millions of customers like Julie and Sue redeem Balance Rewards points for essential healthcare products. It’s knowing how to treat customers well, when they least expect it, that makes Epsilon’s loyalty programs so special.

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