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At EpsilonHealth, we believe that deeper connections inspire better healthcare decisions. Our access to unique healthcare data assets and rich insights will open up smarter ways to target consumers, and stronger communications. So you can create messages that will truly resonate and drive positive action in your target audience. We have expert knowledge of the many facets of healthcare and the different fields within the sector.


Thanks to partnerships with the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, we’ve got the knowledge and experience it takes to address challenges that marketers face in this sector. Our team includes medical experts, strategists, client services and creative talents who work across a range of high-science categories, addressing the needs of all key healthcare stakeholders. Our focus is always to bring innovative strategies and creative platforms to help customers make better, more confident healthcare decisions.

Health insurance

Our health insurance team brings in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry. We understand the challenges our clients face, the regulatory process, and the intricacies of the products themselves. We make the most of Epsilon’s data capabilities and insights to craft targeted, meaningful messages that drive action. From data and insights to marketing technology and strategy, we can help you grow and retain members in this fiercely competitive sector.


Our retail team is a potent mix of expert strategists, analysts, data scientists, creatives and more. We know the retail market inside out, and also bring expertise in the health and wellness sector. Our data capabilities and analytical knowledge give us powerful insights that we use to understand what influences brand consideration, purchase and loyalty. We then build on these insights to build successful relationships between your brand and your customers.


We know that marketing in the Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals industry is a balancing act. It requires an in-depth knowledge of both the pharmaceutical and retail markets in terms of regulation and use. At Epsilon we’re perfectly positioned to leverage our strengths in both sectors. We understand how customer needs influence market positioning and brand strategy, and have the data and analytics to know those needs intimately. So we can create beautiful brand experiences for your customers, and meet your business priorities.

Civil society & nonprofit

Just one of the many challenges faced by civil society and nonprofit organizations is getting their message heard. So, we work hard to craft relevant thought and awareness campaigns - both online and offline - that have meaning, will resonate and are sensitive. We understand that every penny spent on such campaigns counts, and work with clients to bring a smart approach to resourcing.

Our products

MD Nexus

If your focus is healthcare providers, your challenge is finding powerful influencers to drive results in a fast-evolving healthcare ecosystem. MD Nexus combines creativity, data and analytics to deliver precision targeting and activation of healthcare providers. So your brand’s message goes straight to the epicenter of those all-important healthcare decisions.

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Identifying and targeting the right healthcare audience is key to crafting sharp, relevant messaging for your brand or product. HealthEx is a complete profiling, targeting and measurement solution that allows you to create meaningful experiences for consumers. Use it to target consumers with personalized content that’s appropriate, relevant and helpful.

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